Operation Chowhound, Chowhound Gourmet Catering

In May of 1945, Allied bomber crews undertook Operation Chowhound, a humanitarian mission to relieve a famine in the German-occupied Netherlands. Troops dropped 4,000 tons of food into occupied territory, feeding Dutch civilians in danger of starvation. While the origin of the term is unclear, “Chowhound” has gained meaning in the restaurant industry to signify a person who enjoys food passionately, as a treat to both the eyes as well as the palate.

Chef John Breeland is extremely passionate about great food, and after working in some of Detroit’s finest restaurants, he founded Chowhound Gourmet Catering in 2014 with the mission to create beautiful and delicious food for every occasion.

Today, Chef Breeland and his team at Chowhound Gourmet Catering excel at providing each guest at every event with flawlessly prepared and presented restaurant-quality cuisine.

The team has earned countless five-star Google reviews with comments that speak to our passion and dedication. Chef John and his team have also won numerous best-of awards from Wedding Wire and the Knot.

For weddings, private, or corporate events large or small, let Chowhound Gourmet Catering provide you and your guests with a memorable meal.

Chef John Breeland & Team, Chowhound Gourmet Catering
Chef John Breeland

Chef John Breeland

Chef Breeland started his culinary career at The Whitney, one of Detroit’s most iconic restaurants. From there, John went on to join the award winning and talented culinary team at the Golden Mushroom in Southfield, MI. It’s at the legendary Golden Mushroom where his enthusiasm and determination to hone his skills as a chef solidified his passion to turn food into a true art form. John also has extensive culinary experience at numerous restaurants in the Detroit Metro area including the Sardine Room in Plymouth, MI.

Chef Ethan Collins

Chef Ethan has had a passion for cooking and a love for being in a kitchen his whole life, but it wasn’t until moving to New Orleans that he was able to hone in on his craft and learn the skills needed to succeed in the culinary industry. Following his move back to Michigan,

Chef Ethan fine-tuned his skills working at banquet halls and fine dining restaurants such as The Townsend Hotel’s Rugby Grille as well as leading a team as head chef at Little Caesars Area in downtown Detroit. Making people happy through preparing and serving delicious food is why Chef Ethan truly loves what he does.

Chef Ethan Collins, Chowhound Gourmet Catering
Lucretia Awad, Catering Manager, Chowhound Gourmet Catering

Lucretia Awad, Catering Manager

Lucretia Awad is our catering manager, in-house wedding planner and head server. She has been a valuable member of the Chowhound Gourmet Catering team since its inception in 2016 and has been in the hospitality business since high school. Like the rest of the team, Lucretia is passionate about making sure that every Chowhound Gourmet Catering event is flawlessly planned and presented. As an example of her “above and beyond” approach, most of our wedding clients actually make her a part of the wedding ceremony! That says everything about Lucretia’s professionalism, attention to detail and dedication.

Meghan Barnett, Service Manager

Meghan Barnett is our Service Manager at Chowhound Gourmet Catering, and has been an important part of the Chowhound crew since 2019. With a variety of experience in hospitality and the mortgage industry, Meghan is as professional and organized as they come, and she thrives on customer satisfaction. Meghan is fueled by the love of helping others achieve their special day or event and making clients happy, and she looks forward to helping you bring your event to life!

Meghan Barnett, Service Manager, Chowhound Gourmet Catering